i.c.stars has been finding, training, and putting talent to work for the last 25 years and we could not have done it without all of our supporters and friends along the way. There’s so much excitement surrounding this momentous celebration it’s easy to forget how much work happens behind the curtain so we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our dedicated 25th Anniversary Committee members. These individuals have consistently supporter i.c.stars over the years and have brought a wealth of experience, dedication and vision to the table to ensure that our anniversary is not only a celebration of the past 25 years but also an exciting look into the future and expansion of the i.c.stars galaxy.

Committee Chair: David Ormesher, CG Life

Molly Barrett

Molly Barrett, IRA

neal bloomfield

Neal Bloomfield,

Sherronda Booker, i.c.stars

Scott Boruff, PwC

Marques Clark, New Profit

Gamelle Davis, 
First Mid

Jan Anne Dubin

Jan Anne Dubin, Jan Anne Dubin Consulting

Jane Hamner, 
McCann Partners

Curtis Hill, Culture of Belonging Global

Chatterpaul Joseph, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Abbe Kaye, Fort Dearborn (Retired)

Kathie Koch

Kathie Koch,
Columbia College Chicago

Michael Limjoco,

Kevin McFall

Kevin McFall, 

Josh Miller, i.c.stars

Patrick Moroney

Pat Moroney, 
StraightArrow Advisory Services

Colin Peterson, 
OakStreet Health

Kader Sakkaria, QuaXigma

Helen Sun, META

Ashley Tate-Gilmore, Fortis Global

Jim Tantaro, ScaleWith

Miguel Villarreal

Miguel Villareal,