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For twenty years, i.c.stars has provided technology and IT employers with diverse talent on a contract-to-hire and direct hire basis. 

i.c.stars mitigates risk for employers through our assessment and by the program rigors — we are highly selective and graduate leaders who have developed the highest levels of resilience, problem solving aptitude and motivation to help others.

By hiring talent through i.c.stars Staffing, LLC, a social enterprise, employers gain:

  • Innovative tech talent
  • A diverse perspective
  • Talent trained in in-demand tech skills
  • Ongoing check-ins with talent and manager to ensure satisfaction 
  • Partnership with a social justice organization

Since our program began, the i.c.stars leadership curriculum has been recognized by employers as the primary strength behind our graduates. The leadership skills gained during the i.c.stars training program enable our graduates to outperform other junior level talent in business and technology.

The program rigors – participants commit to 12-hour days for four months with no tardies or absences – build behaviors predictive of high performance. These include a strong work ethic, punctuality, and the ability to lead a team, according to Siemens.

In addition, the check-ins and wrap around support available to graduates boosts job retention.

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i.c.stars brings that baseline knowledge for tech workers to the greater community and creates workers you can hire and put right into jobs… They’re ready to work.

William Caraher, CIO, von Briesen & Roper s.c.

Recent job placements from i.c.stars Milwaukee include:

  • IT Support Specialist, Concurrency
  • Developer Intern, Milwaukee Brewers
  • IT Compliance Intern, REV Group
  • IT Support Analyst, Regal Rexnord
  • Project Manager, Fox World Travel
  • Project Coordinator, Northwestern Mutual
  • Logistics Assistant, Lockheed Martin
  • IT Site Intern, Quad Graphics
  • IT Support Help Desk, Potawatomi
  • Quality Analyst, Generac
  • Cloud Automation Developer and PM, MCBC
  • Cyber Security Intern, Guidepoint
  • Network Adiministrator, Emerus
  • Project Manager, Hydrite

Recent job placements from i.c.stars Chicago include:

  • Junior Designer, Adler Zooniverse
  • DevOps Analyst, United Airlines
  • Associate Analyst- IT, United Airlines
  • Apprentice Project Manager| Distribution Technology, United Airlines
  • Business Intelligence Analyst, United Airlines
  • Product Analyst – Apprentice, United Airlines
  • Front-end Developer, US Foods
  • Front-end Developer, US Foods
  • Application Analyst, Accenture
  • System Engineer, United Airlines
  • Full Stack Engineer, Northwestern Mutual
  • Tech. Support Specialist, Relativity
  • Scrum Master, Peapod
  • Jr. Project Manager, HUB International
  • App Developer, CIBC
  • Instructor, Cream City Coders
  • Technology Apprentice, AON
  • Innovation Analyst, Salesforce
  • Web Content Specialist, eshots
  • Business Systems Analyst Intern, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • Quality Assurance Analyst, Wheels
  • Entrepreneur, The Commons
  • Business Analyst, ISAC


Interns hired within completing the four month intensive internship in Milwaukee.
Interns enter the technology field after program completion in Milwaukee.
12 month earnings increase after program (based on averages).