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With i.c.stars, you’ll get the tech training and hands-on work experience to succeed and lead. Launch a brilliant career.

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Light up the industry with all you’ll learn.

Through i.c.stars, you’ll get the training, tools and experience to land great jobs in tech. Watch the video to learn why our graduates chose i.c.stars and how the program has helped them build successful careers and positively influence their communities.

Learn to code. Achieve your career goals. Boost your community.

We look for people who have overcome adversity and developed resilience. We seek people with a passion for technology, problem-solving skills, and motivation to help others.

Our program participants learn by doing, by building web-based applications to solve client challenges – with coding, business, and leadership instruction provided along the way. With our partners and corporate sponsors, our stars gain on-the-job experience and develop the professional networks needed to jumpstart their careers.

Program details:

  • 4 Months of Immersive Training

  • 2 Years of Ongoing Support
  • Paid Internship

  • Residency Program

  • IT Corporate Leader Mentorship

  • 90% Job Placement Rate

  • 300% Increased Earnings

Join a powerful network of community leaders.

Our program seeks people who want to change the world, starting with their local communities. Our growing network of graduates are agents of change who take on executive roles, launch for-profit and social enterprises, and inspire others through public speaking engagements. Our alumni are active in the community and advocate for racial equity and social justice.

Find your people, be part of a team.

“Being a team player is one of the top skills I gained from i.c.stars that has helped me here [at AON] … i.c.stars helped me find my people.”

Dionne Woods, Technology Apprentice, AON


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