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Today we have locations in Chicago and Milwaukee, and i.c.stars is planning to grow! We recently completed a feasibility study in Kansas City, and are looking to launch in that market next. Expansion relies on local interest and employer need, analysis of the market landscape, and community need. Other potential markets include Buffalo, Oakland, Nashville and Detroit. Our expansion model is a pull rather than a push, relying on local interest and employer champions. The national entity supports new market launch with playbooks and knowledge-sharing to set-up and sustain the model.



In 2018, with the support of our anchor sponsor, Dohmen Company Foundation, we launched i.c.stars in the Milwaukee market and it has been thriving ever since! Our partnerships help us provide impact beyond our doors including employers who are seeking diverse and resilient talent such as Children’s Hospital of WI, Northwestern Mutual, and von Briesen & Roper, s.c. Learn more about Milwaukee



In 2018, we conducted a feasibility study in Kansas City, with support from the William G. McGowan Fund and the Will to Succeed Foundation, to assess demand for technology talent and community need. We are now on a trajectory to launch in Kansas City in 2021.