Without our supporters and sponsors, i.c.stars would not be where it is today.


Partnering with i.c.stars connects your business to today’s brightest IT talent and future high tech leaders. Whether you participate in our leadership training program, special events or create employment opportunities for our graduates, i.c.stars supporters gain ROI across community impact, employee volunteerism, talent acquisition, and business development at our events.

Leadership Development Sponsorships
Sponsors have reported a boost to their employee satisfaction as a result of engaging in the i.c.stars training program as mentors and coaches. Mentoring i.c.stars interns and graduates allows your staff to contribute to teaching the next generation of technology professionals. Additionally, relationships created in a community service context are stronger when based on common values.

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Event Sponsorships
i.c.stars provides multiple opportunities for technology leaders to interact with peers and developing IT talent, to share best practices and to gain insight into industry trends. Four major convenings are held annually and have addressed topics including cyber, automation, and the future workforce. The business value for event sponsors comes from visibility and networking with C-level business and IT leaders who participate in our events.

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Your involvement with i.c.stars helps shape the IT workforce and future landscape of the industry.