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Our program sponsors benefit from:

1. Innovative and diverse experiences for management and staff.
2. Increased employee satisfaction through professional development.
3. Branding and visibility as an “employer of choice.”

Shape the future of the IT industry. Support diversity, equity, and inclusion while investing in your community. Whether you participate in our leadership training program, sponsor special events, or create employment opportunities for our graduates, joining the i.c.stars network builds connections and increases your business value. Employee satisfaction rates significantly increase at partner organizations. Staff who mentor i.c.stars interns and graduates are guiding the next generation of tech professionals.

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Inspiration and Impact

“I’ve been with Kraft Foods 15 years and working with i.c.stars is the most engaged I’ve ever been.”

Brian Sobecks, Kraft Heinz

Event Sponsorships

Our four quarterly events bring partners together for discussion, networking, and continuing education. Connect with CIOs and other IT executives, vendors, and i.c.stars and staff.

Our Sponsors gain:

12 months

exposure at our highly attended events.

Networking opportunities

with more than C-level business and IT leaders.

Top tech talent

readily available.

Flexible pricing

to meet your business goals.

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