David Williams, you were, without question, a guest whose words of wisdom have had staying power. Several of our interns have revisited the things you shared with them, most notably your stellar advice about the importance of mentorship! We are so thankful that you shared your time and journey with our interns in the studio! Please know that our doors are open anytime.

“I had the privilege to share my career journey with i.c.stars |* Kansas City interns. It was a wonderful group with passion inquiring about leadership and working in technology. We talked about the importance of mentors, good leaders don’t use their title, and your network is your friend. Thanks Matt Sharples and Rob Zelinka for sharing this wonderful non-profit organization and encouraging me to be a part of it. Thanks to the wonderful interns and the amazing questions they asked. To my KC executive and leadership friends I encourage you to participate or support this great organization. ” – David Williams


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