Miguel, an alumnus of i.c.stars, firmly believes his growth as a professional and as a person stems from his mentorship and experience at i.c.stars.

Miguel had never been through a program as rigorous as i.c.stars, where it instantly became evident the true value was the growth mindset he developed and valuing himself. i.c.stars provided doors and Miguel opened each one and saw it as an opportunity to deepen his skills further. For every guest who came through i.c.stars doors, Miguel ensured he listened carefully to how they reached their highest potential and success. He took notes, applied what he learned, and never got discouraged by any mistakes. He realized each opportunity was a door for him to walk through, learn from and make decisions that would benefit his growth.

Miguel came from a family where he was expected to lead a blue-collar work path. It’s what his family knew and what he had grown up around. Technology was far from reality for him, however, he had different plans for himself and against all odds, found i.c.stars and took the risk to believe that he’s allowed to have a professional career outside of what was expected of him. Miguel’s mindset was filled with determination and perseverance. He saw possibilities for himself that would not only excel his life but also would help his family as well. He saw with i.c.stars it was possible for him to build a career in technology and his commitment grew tenfold after he completed the program.

By focusing and persevering through the program, Miguel learned that his career is in his hands and he would never be stuck at, or unsatisfied with a job because knows the value he brings to a company. He shows up with an attitude to learn, takes initiative, and develops himself. He understood quickly that i.c.stars was not the end of his educational commitment to his career but the beginning of his rise in technology.

Miguel furthered his education by getting an associate’s degree, deeper SQL skills, Python and is now completing Salesforce training. According to Miguel, he will never stop learning because that is what will continue to open doors for him. His confidence comes from his passion for learning and his resilient mindset.

According to Miguel, “I’m not scared of hard work, I have the focus and the commitment. I came into i.c.stars knowing nothing is promised to me, I’m not entitled to this success and nobody owes me anything. I have so much gratitude for the mentorship I received from i.c.stars because it has literally changed the trajectory of my life.”