Every year volunteers—industry CIOs, business leaders, i.c.stars graduates and community members—help make our mission possible by giving their time to provide needed support for our training program and special events. In addition to supporting i.c.stars and our program participants, volunteering also allows high tech leaders to shape future talent and community members to support our graduates who give back through their leadership efforts.

Career/Resume Coach Working 1:1 with an associate to develop a polished resume
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2-3 exchanges
(4 months)
Mock Interviewer Participating in regularly scheduled behavioral & technical interviewing session 3 hr session
(scheduled monthly)
Business Writing Coach Working 1:1 with an associate to develop competency while writing bus. communications on behalf of clients 1 hr, bi-weekly
(3 months)
Data Analyst Coach Working 1:1 with an associate compiling, analyzing and writing metrics driven reports 2 hrs, monthly
(3 months)
Social Media Tools Expert Webinar/live session coach on social media tools 2 hr session, monthly
(1-3 months)
Entry-Level Resident Mentor Working 1:1 with a i.c.stars|* resident working in their first tech job to help guide them through corporate culture in the industry 2 hrs, weekly
High Tea Speaker Meeting and making a quick-hit impact on developing professionals 1 ½ hrs
(scheduled daily)

Find out more by emailing info@icstars.org.