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Demystifying the Magic: How AI is transforming Industries, the Dollars and Sense of the Digital Marathon

CAPITALIZE on KC is all about collaboration and innovation! This annual conference presents topics focused on the evolution of technologies. i.c.stars is built upon the importance of bringing together the civic, corporate, and nonprofit communities to spark change for a better Kansas City.

 Presentations led by thought leaders provide attendees with opportunities to engage, exchange ideas, and network.

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MIT Article Mentions i.c.stars + Amsted Rail Partnership: “Practical Ways to Tackle Manufacturing’s Labor Crunch”

2022-05-16T18:17:44-05:00May 16th, 2022|National|

Pandemic-era worker shortages have been pegged to mass resignations, but the manufacturing sector’s current talent and expertise gap has earlier antecedents.

Decades of labor cost reductions — through hiring caps, lower or stagnant wages, and anemic investment in technology and training — is coming back to bite the industry, according to experts who spoke at the recent 2022 MIT Manufacturing Conference.

Compared to other industries, the share of open job positions as a percentage of overall manufacturing jobs has continued to rise well beyond the impact of ongoing resignations sparked by the pandemic.

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