Partnering with i.c.stars connects your business to today’s brightest IT talent and future high tech leaders, whether you participate in our leadership training program, special events or create employment opportunities for our graduates. You can choose to become involved in one or all three areas.

Joining the i.c.stars network increases your business value. Our partnership results in stronger leadership and staff development for your employees as connections are made and relationships are formed through the i.c.stars network. Your involvement with i.c.stars also helps shape the IT workforce and future landscape of the industry.

Leadership Development Sponsorships
Employee satisfaction rates have been reported to significantly increase among our partner’s highest performing individuals while participating in the i.c.stars training program as mentors and coaches. Mentoring i.c.stars interns and graduates on leadership development allows your staff to contribute to teaching the next generation of technology professionals. Additionally, relationships created in a community service context are stronger when based on common values.

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Event Sponsorships
i.c.stars provides many opportunities for technology leaders to interact with colleagues and IT talent, to share stories or ideas and to gain insight into industry trends. Four major events are held annually—roughly one each quarter—to bring our partners together for discussion, networking and continuing education. The business value for event sponsors comes from visibility and networking with C-level business and IT leaders who participate in our events.