We offer companies multiple ways to engage with i.c.stars:

1. Contract or Direct Hire of i.c.stars Alumni

If you have open job orders, or regularly have full-time hiring needs for technology proficient business associates, you can learn more by contacting Arlene Chandler, Workforce Development Manager, at achandler@icstars.org

2. Custom Internship Program

Over the years, we have helped multiple organizations create custom Internships, Project Based Models, and Rotation Programs. These organizations have one of two goals in mind – either they are headcount restricted and can’t hire, but want to participate in a way that also gets work done, or they want to hire, but need to see what i.c.stars are capable of and verify the fit before making a permanent offer. We are meeting the needs of both types of through creation of Corporate Fellowship Programs. To discuss more contact Arlene Chandler at achandler@icstars.org

You may also wish to engage the services of organizations that are run by experienced Alums of i.c.stars:

3. SourceDigital Marketing

If you work in a Services organization with long sales cycles, you likely have communication challenges to keep your prospects engaged and your name front of mind. SourceDigital has been helping companies with marketing since 2010. (read more)

4. Have Sandee Speak At Your Next Conference

If you have heard Sandee speak at i.c.stars events or at any other conferences not just around Chicago but around the world, then you know she is a very inspiring speaker. Her back ground is on education and has specialized over the years in non-profit work creating change in our communities through business, leadership and technology. Visit Sandee’s speaker page and book her for you next conference