i.c.stars receives 400–600 candidates for every internship training cycle and accepts 20 participants for each session, making the selection process one of our toughest challenges. As a result, we have devised a fail-safe system that helps us pinpoint candidates who will fully embrace our program and mission.

All potential applicants must first attend an orientation at our office, where they will learn about the unparalleled workforce development program we offer. Applications are given to anyone who decides our training is a good fit and are able to commit themselves to it. Over the next couple of weeks, interested applicants take part in an extensive, multi-hour assessment involving screening interviews and problem-solving skills.

Our selection process is designed to help us understand a variety of things about our candidates, including their ability to overcome adversity, their curiosity and interest in technology, and their potential for leadership. We look for candidates who are ideally suited to complete our rigorous program, who are motivated to support their peers and the greater good of the community.

If you are interested in signing up for an orientation to learn more about the i.c.stars training program, please click here.