What is the i.c.stars internship?

The i.c.stars internship is a rigorous 4 month employment skills and leadership training program for low-income adults. Its the first step in the 2 year i.c.stars program. For a complete overview of  the program click here.

How long does the program take?

The program takes up to two years. For the complete process, click here.

What will I do?

Participants work on a variety of projects with a team of people. The i.c.stars curriculum includes:

Participants work in teams to build a technology solution in response to a business challenge; they work alongside a client organization, gaining mentoring and opportunities to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. The winning team from each cohort has the opportunity to present their prototype at an i.c.stars thought leadership conference in front of hundreds of tech executives. Using agile methodology, the four months is divided into Three Sprints – requirements gathering, wireframing, technology build – with a Career Readiness month. Throughout, participants grow their leadership, business communication and teamwork, cross-cultural communication and empathy skills. They also grow their professional network and social capital through daily High Teas, conferences and workshops.

To learn more about the curriculum click here

Will I get paid?

Yes. During the 4-month internship, you will be paid $150/week.

Our graduates move on to lead successful and fulfilling lives, sometimes receiving as much as 400 percent more in annual income than before joining the i.c.stars program. As a result of joining i.c.stars, you become a part of a growing network of powerful leaders who fight for social justice in our communities. Increased income, advanced technology skills, and a strong network of industry professionals provides our graduates with the opportunities and support needed to make the changes they want in their life and in the community.

Where do I start?

Sign up for an orientation session here to learn more about the program and begin the application process.

Why is it important to learn leadership skills to get an IT job?

We believe that leadership is about making opportunities for others. Because our organization is about both leadership and IT training our alums make an impact in both their businesses and their communities. The effect of leadership training strengthens the opportunities for our alums on the job, the communities we serve and the entire i.c.stars community. Moreover, we have found that the stronger the leadership skills in an i.c.stars alum ,the more each individual is able to add value, communicate with diverse stakeholders and make opportunities in their career affording alums higher wages, access to challenging opportunities on the job and a more fulfilling experience at home and at work. Employers are constantly seeking to find and develop leadership skills in their employees—this more than anything else differentiates you from your college graduate competition in the job market.

Will I automatically continue with the i.c.stars social enterprise after the initial internship program?

The i.c.stars social enterprise is a merit based opportunity dependent on your accomplishments during the internship training program.

Will I be learning from industry leaders during my training?

Yes! In addition to daily high tea—a lecture series with C-level executives—each project is facilitated by industry professionals including, fortune 500 IT departments, Venture Capitalists, and non-profit leaders. The training is also enhanced by professional coaches who volunteer their time across technology, leadership and business through one on one and group sessions. In addition, our faculty has years of experience in education, corporate IT and community development.

What are the hours and days of the week for the internship and how will it be decided if I continue with training for one or two years?

i.c.stars internship training is daily from 8am to 8pm. the length of your experience at i.c.stars is dependent on when you receive an associates degree, the level of responsibility and role in the social enterprise and community service.

Am I required to get involved with my community during and after my training period with i.c.stars?

Yes. it is an investment in the future, in all of our futures.