Laura Sundberg

Laura Sundberg

Marketing Manager
Slalom Consulting

I am constantly on a journey to create what doesn’t yet exist for me - and for others.

When I was child I had a fiercely wild imagination. I made up languages and tirelessly tried to teach them to others. I created “pets” out of flowers after countless failed attempts of convincing my parents to get me a dog. I could build a mean fort out of blankets and pillows to save myself and my friends from the “molten lava” that flowed throughout my house.

Today, that fierceness, curiosity, and authenticity still flood my soul. I am also the proud parent of three dogs, take that Mom and Dad.

I am a Management Consulting Professional turned Marketing Leader; an outcome when you take an individual that thrives in the challenge of building and delivering strategic solutions while also having an insatiable curiosity for innovation and creativity.

What do I do? I dream big and bold, and set realistic strategies that can be broken down into deliverable outcomes, to elevate brands and drive business value. I create two-way streets of meaningful communication to help solve complex problems. I design compelling experiences that delight and create memories.

My strengths and passions? I am sucker for figuring out unique solutions to really tough problems. I just can’t let it rest. I will take on just about any challenge, even if I am scared out of my mind. That’s when I come alive. I am great at asking for help when I need it (a key reason I survive the prior), but I love charting new territory. I color outside the lines. I’ve been known to create awesome twitter handles. I am searching for a hobby, suggestions are appreciated. I really, really care about people. The same goes for dogs.

If you are a creator, marketer, charting new territory, taking on a big challenge or rescuing dogs, well then let’s connect.

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