Jose Ignacio Sordo Galarza

Jose Ignacio Sordo Galarza

Jose Ignacio Sordo Galarza is a skilled Latino IT professional with over two decades of successful track record of delivering outstanding client results in the Global CPG industry. A collaborative leader with strategic and operational skills, with proven ability to design, manage, and deliver complex strategies and projects worth millions of dollars in costs, savings, and/or increased revenues. He turns innovation into IT-led business revenue and bottom line growth in sales, supply chain, shared services and IT worldwide.

As a visionary executive with demonstrated success developing strategic initiatives, he leads enterprise thinking around the value of IT (in a CPG corporation) with three distinctive and unique characteristics: 1) Transform the business model, 2) Enable decision making and 3) Lead innovation.

Mr. Sordo’s experience in line management and sales, combined with his personal passion for IT-led business revenue and involvement in the current business-to-business work, contributed to have him selected in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was also featured as one of Top 100 Under 50 by the Diversity MBA Magazine in Aug 2010 and one of Top 200 Most Influential Hipanics in Technology by the HE&IT magazine in Mar 2011 and featured several times in magazines throughout Latin America. He serves at HITEC’s Board of Directors.

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