Andre Allen

Andre Allen

Vice President, Information Technology
General Dynamics Information Technology

Andre Allen has over 23 years of continuous experience in the test publishing industry. Andre began his career in the test publishing industry in 1989 with Reid Psychological Systems, an ATP founding Member Company. Over the past 23 years, Andre has been responsible for the conceptualization and development of large scale systems and technologies for the secure administration of scoring of assessments. While working for Reid during the late 80’s and early 90’s Andre pioneered many of the technologies that are the basis for many of the assessment delivery and scoring options for today, including the delivery and real-time scoring of assessments via IVR technology. In 1996, Andre helped Reid Systems to become one of the first organizations to administer pre-employment screening assessments via the internet. In 2002, Andre assisted NCS/Pearson Reid London House in the creation and delivery of the assessment technologies for the large scale workforce mobilization effort with the Transportation Security Administration. Overall, Andre’s track record is that of creating, secure, stable and scalable architectures for the timely delivery and accurate scoring of assessments.

Andre currently works for General Dynamics Information Technology (formerly Vangent, Inc.) where he has full oversight of the Human Capital Solutions business unit. Andre holds a BS in Information Technology with a concentration in project management, and an MBA with a concentration in information technology management.

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