Wheeler Coleman

Wheeler Coleman

CEO and Chief Partner
EC-United, LLC

Wheeler Coleman is CEO and Chief Partner at EC-United, LLC. As a two-time CIO and former CTO of the nation’s 4th largest health insurance company, Wheeler Coleman has earned a reputation for transforming business, driving optimum results through technology solutions. He helps clients to “move the needle” forward and assists companies to successfully utilize existing and emerging technology.

Mr. Coleman began his professional career as a software developer, and spent the last 25+ years in management working with a vast array of professionals, and customers to provide business and technical solutions. He has been very successful in developing and executing IT and operational strategies to reduce costs, minimize inefficiencies and improve capabilities.

Mr. Coleman was previously the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for The Lifetime Healthcare Companies; and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC: Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans in Illinois, Oklahoma, Montana, New Mexico and Texas). He holds a MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a BS in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University

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