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Strada Institute for the Future of Work report features i.c.stars

January 29, 2019

Strada Institute for the Future of Work report On-ramps to Good Jobs features i.c.stars as a case study of “innovative programs that serve as an engine of upward mobility”.

Chicago Crain's Business: i.c.stars among Chicago-area nonprofits receiving an investment from Charles Kock-led group

January 30, 2019

i.c.stars among Chicago-area nonprofits receving an investment from Charles Kock-led group, as reported in Chicago Crain’s Business.

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Forbes Features Article on Apprenticeships Authored by i.c.stars and Accenture

January 22, 2019

Forbes features article on tech apprenticeships, written by i.c.stars and Accenture and highlighting their partnership.

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Stand Together Announces Funding - including Grant to i.c.stars - To Break Barriers To Work for Jobless Americans

January 18, 2019

Stand+Together announces $3.55 million - including a Grant to i.c.stars - to break barriers to work for chronically jobless Americans. i.c.stars is currently part of their Catalyst cohort for high-performing nonprofits.

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Salesforce Mentions i.c.stars Partnership in Chicago Expansion Announcement

November 30, 2018

Salesforce company press release mentions i.c.stars partnership in their announcement to expand in Chicago.

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Sandee Kastrul Honored as Social Entrepreneur in Digital Diversity Network's Annual Innovation & Inclusion Awards

November 6, 2018

i.c.stars President and Co-Founder Sandee Kastrul recognized as a Social Entrepreneur Honoree in Digital Diversity Network’s annual Innovation & Inclusion Awards.

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i.c.stars President Sandee Kastrul Among Speakers at Milwaukee Tech Summit

November 1, 2018

i.c.stars president and co-founder Sandee Kastrul among leaders speaking at the Milwaukee Tech Summit.

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Milwaukee Business Journal Features i.c.stars Milwaukee App Project for Youth with ADHD

October 29, 2018

Milwaukee Business Journal Features i.c.stars Milwaukee’s Partnership with the ADHD Foundation: Milwaukee nonprofits team up for app serving adolescents with ADHD

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Why the Apprenticeship Model is Succeeding in Corporate America: i.c.stars and Accenture

October 25, 2018

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Features Blog Post Authored by i.c.stars and Accenture: Why the Apprenticeship Model is Succeeding in Corporate America.

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Workday Foundation Spotlights Grantee i.c.stars: Lessons Beyond the Classroom

October 9, 2018

Workday Foundation VP Carrie Varoquiers spotlights the work of i.c.stars.

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