Chicago, June  6, 2022 — Inner-City Computer Stars (i.c.stars), an educational and workforce development organization offering technology training, leadership development, and career readiness support to inner-city young adults, announced today that it is partnering with OneTen, a coalition of leading executives and their companies who have committed to upskill, hire, and advance one million Black individuals over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement.

As an endorsed talent developer, i.c.stars will join OneTen’s robust network to prepare and place Black individuals without four-year degrees into family-sustaining careers with America’s top employers, including American Express, Cisco, IBM, Walmart, and more.

“Working with OneTen, as a new friend and partner, we will increase access to technology training, opportunity, and career advancement for more Black Americans,” said Sandee Kastrul, i.c.stars president and co-founder. “We help employers see the value in non-traditional talent pipelines—and the value to their bottom line and our society.”

OneTen’s endorsed talent developer network currently includes nearly 100 reputable skills-building programs and content partners providing Black talent with the education and resources they need to access family-sustaining jobs. Talent developers in the coalition help train Black talent without four-year degrees for some of the most competitive jobs and careers across sectors, including technology.

“i.c.stars is well-positioned to support OneTen’s mission and ambitious timeline,“ said Larry Cowans, Program Manager, i.c.stars Chicago. “We have years of experience and many established connections. Our training methods and relationships can be leveraged toward the shared goals of meaningful employment and an equitable and inclusive workforce.”

“We are in a unique and privileged position to create more opportunities to advance Black talent in the workplace, and we’re delighted to do so alongside i.c.stars,” said Maurice Jones, OneTen CEO. “Their commitment to shaping the next generation of tech leaders in the Chicago community by providing young adults with skills-based training makes them an invaluable partner for both talent and employers in the OneTen network.”

About OneTen

OneTen is a coalition of leading chief executives and their companies who are coming together to upskill, hire and promote one million Black individuals who do not yet have a four-year degree into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement over the next 10 years. OneTen connects employers with talent developers including leading nonprofits and other skill-credentialing organizations who support development of diverse talent. By creating more equitable and inclusive workforces, we believe we can reach our full potential as a nation of united citizens. OneTen recognizes the unique potential in everyone – every individual, every business, every community – to change the arc of America’s story with Black talent. Join us at, where one can be the difference.

About i.c.stars

Inner-City Computer Stars is an educational and workforce development organization offering technology training, leadership development, and career readiness support to inner-city young adults. Our curriculum aligns with workforce projections, leading to credentials that employers value. i.c.stars helps break the cycle of multi-generational poverty, limited horizons, and dead-end jobs. It also helps companies fill the growing number of tech positions while addressing the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. i.c.stars nurtures leaders who will stay in their neighborhoods, support the economy, and build stronger communities. Our goal is opportunity, economic mobility, financial well-being, and equity.