i.c.stars high tea is an innovative volunteer opportunity for busy senior executives to make a strong impact on young technology talent. High tech leaders share their journey to success, impressing upon our interns the importance of perseverance and setting short- and long-term goals. This inspirational hour is one of the greatest strengths of our training program.

Learn more about the IT adventure you can have when you have some tea!


Time: 4:00–5:00 p.m. daily during training sessions

Where: 415 N. Dearborn —3rd floor

How: The intern who will host the High Tea hour and introduce the guest speaker to the group greets the speaker upon arrival. After the guest speaker introduction, each intern will introduce the individual sitting next to him or her before the floor is turned over to the speaker.


Generally 15–20 interns between the ages of 17 and 41, with various technology, business, and leadership skills.


No formal preparation or PowerPoint presentation is required. Suggested agenda:

  1. Introductions—10 minutes
  2. Personal Career Journey—10 minutes
  3. Current Strategic opportunities and challenges—10 minutes
  4. Current favorite business or leadership reading—5 minutes
  5. Q&A—15 minutes

In the past, some guest speakers have spent the first part of the Q&A session asking the group about the i.c.stars program. The second portion is sometimes spent talking about the speaker’s career and business/technology strategy or a leadership development topic. The remaining time is spent on participant questions. This structure changes depending on then speaker’s style and preferences.