Cycle 52 Commencement

Thank you for joining us virtually as we celebrate Cycle 52 during their Commencement Ceremony.

Congrats to all of Cycle 52 participants:

Alayna Taylor
Alberto Romero
Andre McDavid
Claudia Cadavillo
Cyann WIlliams
Demetri Selmer
Eugene Shapovalov
Galyna Berezyuk
Giovanni Santiago
Hanna Val
Jeffrey Horton
Katherine Cooper
Keanu Glover
Lanya Jones
Marini Harris
Olivia Murphy
Reginald Daniels III
TJ Johnson
Teanna Jones
Truman Reed

i.c.stars stands for, and stands behind, these unique individuals, knowing that their success will lift not only their own lives but all those whose lives they touch.

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