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i.c.stars Wikipedia page needs your help

The i.c.stars wiki page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_City_Computer_Stars), has been flagged for deletion. Its been a very long time since it was updated and needs the collaborative writing abilities of the interns and alums.

Our hope for the wikipedia page is to define what i.c.stars means by leadership and to provide a roadmap for all alums, year by year, that can define what it means to be a community leader over the 5 years post i.c.stars.

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O Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone

dear alumni,

please return the laptop that was generously provided for your use during i.c.stars.

I know that some of you perceive me or ‘us’ as ‘Bogus’, or having ‘misled’ you.

However, as we all know, none of the laptops were ‘given’ to you.

I have been told that ‘i’ll get it when i get it’, ‘it takes to long for me to get my files off’, and ‘what am i supposed to do without a laptop’. I’ve also never hounded anyone.

So I guess what I’m saying, is that…well…

I have now had to cancel a Microsoft Office class because I didn’t have the hardware.

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Mr. Telephone Man

Hello Alum!!!

If you are in contact with fellow CycleMates…please send them to this site so that they can get relevant informaiton.

thanks all!

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Isn't That Dandy?!?

Hello Alum!!!

I am looking for stories about Community Projects that you are actively partipating in that we may not know about.

You should be sending stories about you volunteering…building…teaching…

Please send me a quick email with updated information.
tthomas [at] icstars [dot] org

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Alumni Challenge

Hello Alum!

this is your fearless…ahem…leader…*iSlap…

I am hoping to start this New Year with some fantastical involvement from all of you Alum!

I’d like to introduce the Alumni Challenge!!!!

For the next 4 weeks, I challenge all of you vocal community minded and affilitated Alum to bring in 20 leads this month! (5 leads per week!!)

What’s the incentive??

A Gift Card for a Sweet Valentines Dinner for two!!!

You know Valentines is right around the corner!!!

Email me directly if you are interested in participating!!
tthomas [at] icstars [dot] org

(this is not in combonation to AA Incentivce Program)

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The Man will Be in Humboldt Park

Roadside safety check yields 10 DUI arrests

January 1, 2008
A roadside safety check in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side over the weekend netted 10 arrests for driving under the influence, as well as 53 other traffic violations.

The safety check was conducted from 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 28 until 4 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 29 on the 6400 block of South Ashland Avenue, according to a release from police News Affairs.

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Testing out the new digs

I like the design.

Text should be darker; it’s very difficult to read on a LCD screen.


Hi I need help on the 5th task on our case study. The formula that Eric gave us is broke and Excel won’t take my formula that I made. I can’t uploaded the tasks but if you e-mail me I can email it to you if you can post a reply it would be greatly app.
Joneasha [at] gmail [dot] com

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google hosting i.c.stars email

we changed the mx records on i.c.stars mail today. google is now our email host. looks like imap functionality is enabled as well, this means you can use multiple devices to check/manage email and they will all stay insync. many thanks to google for offering this complete, hosted non-profit solution w/o no hurdles/paperwork.

to access your icstars email account go to:

http://mail.google.com/a/icstars.org or

your username is the same, and your reset password was sent in an email. if you cannot locate that email, please contact me and we’ll get it to you.

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query analyzer for mysql

cycle 14 found a very powerful tool for writing sql and editing tables for mysql. i am using this instead of phpmyadmin and very happily. i can run it locally and connect to database servers hosted by siteground as well as dreamhost.


i’m using SQLyog MySQL GUI - Community Edition. This is free as far as I can tell.

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