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google hosting i.c.stars email

we changed the mx records on i.c.stars mail today. google is now our email host. looks like imap functionality is enabled as well, this means you can use multiple devices to check/manage email and they will all stay insync. many thanks to google for offering this complete, hosted non-profit solution w/o no hurdles/paperwork.

to access your icstars email account go to:

http://mail.google.com/a/icstars.org or

your username is the same, and your reset password was sent in an email. if you cannot locate that email, please contact me and we’ll get it to you.

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query analyzer for mysql

cycle 14 found a very powerful tool for writing sql and editing tables for mysql. i am using this instead of phpmyadmin and very happily. i can run it locally and connect to database servers hosted by siteground as well as dreamhost.


i’m using SQLyog MySQL GUI - Community Edition. This is free as far as I can tell.

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