i.c.stars Receives Warm Welcome at QTS Data Center Chicago

i.c.stars Receives Warm Welcome at QTS Data Center Chicago

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As we begin Cycle 40, i.c.stars would like to highlight a stellar engagement with sponsor QTS Data Centers. Cycle 39 was invited to tour their impressive new facility at the end of November, 2017. The data center, open since July 1, 2016 at the historic site of a Chicago Sun-Times printing facility on South Ashland just north of I-55, strikes an impressive figure against the backdrop of the city beyond. The interns and myself were giddy with excitement as we were buzzed in through the parking lot gate.

QTS Data Center Chicago

Once inside, we were greeted by Nick Linne - Director of Channel Sales, Leo Chinnaswamy Sales Solutions Engineer, Jordan Hosick - Datacenter Operations Manager, Bill Winsininski - Director of Sales, and Natalie Hobbs - Site Coordinator. The interns from Cycle 39 were immediately struck by how professional and welcoming the team was, and how eager to share about the their roles.

Leo and Jordan led our tour through the facility, detailing the state-of-the-art security measures in place to keep clients’ information as secure as possible. Thumbprint and retina scanners prohibited entry to anyone not cleared into the main data center space. Clients had the ability to add additional layers of security, walling-off their server racks into rooms only accessible via a remote key gen, controlled entirely by the client themselves. Interns learned the importance of cleanliness - no cardboard, an easy way to bring in dust, was allowed in the data center space - and the basics of how heat was channeled out of the room via floor-to-ceiling ventilation.

I, myself, was in awe at the immaculate and exciting operation, and the interns were equally impressed. After our tour, a handful stayed behind to ask further questions of the various staff members, who were gracious enough to hang around beyond our original end-time and answer them.

Intern Aalivia Taylor was particularly interested, and asked Leo Chinnaswamy about building solutions for client’s needs, either at the start of their service agreement or as new issues arise.

Leo responded that “the whole data center is built not only for [clients’] current data storage, but for scalability. It’s also necessary to maintain responsive communications to ensure the most efficient operations as moving and storing data becomes more and more vital to the success of any company’s internal and external needs.”

Thank you, again, to Nick, Leo, Jordan, Bill, and Natalie for hosting us, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise as professionally and personably as you all did.

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