The BLT and Tea Podcast with Michael Rabbitt - "Balance" (Episode 6)

The BLT and Tea Podcast with Michael Rabbitt - "Balance" (Episode 6)

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On Episode 6 of the BLT and Tea podcast Sandee is joined by Michael Rabbitt. Michael is Head of Business Transformation at Argonne National Laboratory. Also joining Michael is Diana Olariu from Cycle 41 (icstars Chicago).

Michael collaborates with Argonne’s division leadership, laboratory operations, enterprise architecture, and other strategic offices to deliver process excellence, technology, and organizational change management initiatives. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, he also established and co-leads Argonne’s Lean Six Sigma Community of Practice. He has over 30 years of experience in business operations and IT, including process improvement, project management, business analysis, and client services. Michael formerly worked at Continental Insurance, CNA Insurance, and Sedgwick. Michael’s civic, community engagement and organizing work includes several non-profit organizations. He is the co-founder of an affordable housing advocacy organization in Chicago, Neighbors for Affordable Housing, as well as the NWS Coalition Against Racism & Hate. He is an anti-racism workshop facilitator with Showing Up for Racial Justice (and previously for the Archdiocese of Chicago), in addition to leading and participating in various social justice initiatives. He is a graduate of Bradley University, and holds an MBA from DePaul University. Michael is a native of St. Louis and currently lives in Chicago.

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