The BLT and Tea Podcast with Karen Gordon - "Innovation, Mentorship and Passion" (Episode 3)

The BLT and Tea Podcast with Karen Gordon - "Innovation, Mentorship and Passion" (Episode 3)

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On episode three of the BLT and Tea podcast Sandee is joined by a long time friend, icstars volunteer, and mentor, Karen Gordon. Karen is a business designer who enables others to innovate and create new economic value. Karen has developed a broad set of innovation skills and mindset from Fortune 100, startup and not-for-profit career experiences.

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About Sandee

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I believe that the definition of leadership is making opportunities for others. I am a leadership geek and find that the richest opportunities for all of our futures lie in education. I am a believer in reciprocity in education and that as educators we are both teacher and student. I believe that the world can be a classroom if we open ourselves to the notion that application, concatenation and liberation start with listening. Schedule Sandee to Speak

About i.c.stars

i.c.stars is a non-profit organization in Chicago for adults with a high school diploma or GED. Using project-based learning and full immersion teaching, i.c.stars provides an opportunity for change-driven, future leaders to develop skills in business and technology. To learn more go to

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