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Who do you make pancakes for?

In our society, workaholism is the one addiction that you’re actually celebrated for. It’s an addiction just like anything else, but nobody is saying things like, “You know, she works so hard, I can’t bear to be near her, He is disgusting to me. The way he constantly strives to do more work smarter, faster” When being a workaholic means that your business is thriving, it’s great! Everybody applauds, you even get awards for it.

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The Struggle is Real - Where is the Movement?

Decades ago seeing a struggle was something that encompassed an entire community. The struggle, represented a movement. Change that required our Communities to stand together and stand up for justice and equality. Whereas today, the struggle is an individual plight and we stand for our individual plight, our individual views, our individual struggle. “I am struggling through this day.” “I, Me, Mine versus Us, We, Ours.”

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Leaders: Showing Up isn’t Enough

In 1977, Woody Allen was quoted in the New York Times as saying that “80% of life is just showing up.” It’s taken on many variants since then, but I disagree with it in all forms. Maybe for the majority of the population showing up is enough, but for us, it’s more than just showing up, it’s being present.

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The BLT and Tea Podcast with Sandee Kastrul

Sandee is launching her very own podcast called “The BLT and Tea Podcast”. A podcast where Business, Leadership and Technology intersect over a cup of Tea.

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About Sandee

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I believe that the definition of leadership is making opportunities for others. I am a leadership geek and find that the richest opportunities for all of our futures lie in education. I am a believer in reciprocity in education and that as educators we are both teacher and student. I believe that the world can be a classroom if we open ourselves to the notion that application, concatenation and liberation start with listening. Schedule Sandee to Speak

About i.c.stars

i.c.stars is a non-profit organization in Chicago for adults with a high school diploma or GED. Using project-based learning and full immersion teaching, i.c.stars provides an opportunity for change-driven, future leaders to develop skills in business and technology. To learn more go to

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