Alumni Interviews - Adeola on Becoming a Senior .Net Engineer

Alumni Interviews - Adeola on Becoming a Senior .Net Engineer

Tell me about your current role.
I’m currently consulting for Indigo Interactive; they’re a creator of custom accreditation software for the medical industry. I’m a senior .NET engineer providing support on several projects.

What role did i.c.stars play in your professional journey?
i.c.stars set a good foundation in terms of what to expect in the real world. At the time it [the workshops] felt like it was part of a simulation, but when you leave, you realize those simulations were built off of real things that happen in IT. Projects never go 100% smoothly - the workshops prepare you for what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Also, i.c.stars was a springboard to get into to consulting. My first corporate IT job was through i.c.stars; it was at Allstate when they were making their first .net / microsoft applications. It was supposed to be a summer contract, but it ended up going an entire year.

Did you have any tech background before i.c.stars?
I was into computers but i.c.stars helped cement IT as a realistic career path. In the real world people are paying you for what they believe you’re capable of doing. i.c.stars put that out there. You’re still going to get vetted in order to really work.

Tell us about some of your proudest professional moments.
At Alpha Metrics financial solutions, I was part of a team that built a home grown CMS system to be used for hedge funds. It was like LinkedIN with an actual trading platform. And it was a pretty cool project. In six months, we reviewed over four years worth of code to get this system where it needed to be

I also had two stints at RedBox out in Oakbrook. They have really cool problems to solve. So many variables that go into their product; it makes you appreciate what goes into making really good software. I always felt proud of my work there.

Both Redbox and Alpha Metrics formed my more advanced thought process on being senior level developer.

In addition to technology, i.c.stars is about community impact. Any volunteer stories you’d like to share?
We have the idea of trying to create enterprise software curriculum via templating engines - for i.c.stars grads, so they can go out and get their own projects and use those skills to take on large projects with few people. It hasn’t fully come to fruition but I’d like to get moving on it.

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