The First Follower is What Turns a Lone Nut into a Leader

The First Follower is What Turns a Lone Nut into a Leader

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In the video footage below Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started.

The first follower concept

I think this video and this talk are really, really, helpful for those of us who have been in social media and are trying to get traction for clients and get traction for ourselves. What I take away from this is how critically important it is for us to authentically engage with those first few people who reply with a comment / tweet any content you share. We’re all consumed with numbers, like numbers of followers, numbers of likes, etc. This video really makes it clear that the increase in those numbers is an outcome of doing a great job with engaging the people who initially engage with you - what our Senior Specialist, Brandies Dunagan, has pegged as the luminaries.

Most of the engagement we’re doing is on LinkedIn through the LinkedIn answers section. It works really well because you can reply to the email, and it goes back to the person who commented so you can start a relationship with that person.

The approach we’re contemplating next: Webinars. So, my question is: Are webinars a good strategy for fostering those first follower/luminary relationships?

A Measurable Impact

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