Join us for a most unique and inspiring alumni experience.


Join us via MS Teams for a 15-minute a.m. coffee talk! Alumni engagement is one of the most important aspects of i.c.stars and the value of your drop-in is worth way more than the time you are scheduled.

You Can…

  • Say Good Morning
  • Enjoy a cup of Virtual Tea/Coffee with the Current Cycle of Interns
  • Share where you work and what your up too
  • Feel free to ask questions to the interns based on Business, Leadership, and Technology (the BLT)
No formal preparation Needed
  • This a 15 min drop-in during morning All Skate
  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell the Interns about your Cycle
  • Have fun and bask in the moment

“The Interns have voiced their desire to hear from more Alumni (& Residents) to build connections and hear about similar journeys.”

~Larry Cowans
Cycle 02 Alum & Program Manager, i.c.stars Chicago