Employment Opportunities

The i.c.stars leadership curriculum has been recognized by employers as the primary strength behind our graduates. The leadership skills gained during the i.c.stars training program enables our graduates to perform better on the job than other IT talent. Our graduates are simply more experienced and skilled at working with teams of people and have developed strong problem solving skills. i.c.stars graduates are also equipped with a strong aptitude in Drupal, SQL, .NET development and various social media tools.

Through a rigorous selection process that identifies the most resilient and capable young adults, coupled with an intensive workforce development training program and a two-year practicum of continued education and work experience, i.c.stars graduates are ideally suited to serve your business needs.

Sample recent job orders filled include:

  • CRM (Client Relationship Management) Intern--itPeopleNetwork
  • App Developer--The Private Bank
  • Front End Developer--University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Software Engineering Analyst--Accenture
  • Innovation Analyst--Salesforce
  • Service Desk Analyst--SHI
  • Web Content Specialist--eshots
  • Front-end Developer--eshots
  • Business Systems Analyst Intern--Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • Quality Assurance Analyst--US Foods
  • Business Systems Analyst Intern(s)--US Foods
  • Technical Support--CCC
  • SAS/SQL developer--MPA Healthcare Solutions

Ready to become an i.c.stars Employer?

Contact Arlene Chandler at 312-448-718, or hirestars@icstars.org.

A Measurable Impact

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