YUI Drop Down Menus and Taxonomy based menu's

Many company and application sites have a need for drop down menu's. Up until recently, this was a very clunky exercise to accomplish within Drupal. Now, Yahoo has released The Yahoo! User Interface Library, YUI for short and someone created a drupal module that allows you to painlessly create a drop down menu system into your drupal application. The demo below assumes you have already downloaded and ftp'd the two required modules to your site: http://drupal.org/project/yui http://drupal.org/project/yuimenu Configuration of this module is slightly more in depth than most modules as it requires you to edit a code file called the page.tpl.php. This is the theme main template page and is how a theme is able to look the same on every page. The video shows how to edit this file for the pushbutton theme, but the process will be mostly the same for any theme. Simply find where the code references "primary links" and drop in the YUI code instead. Additionally, this video shows how to create taxonomy based menu's. This is a very powerful and important part of drupal. For almost every site we've ever done, we have needed to list teasers of pages of a certain kind or category, e.g. board members, staff members, news, events, etc. To accomplish this, you need to know the term id number that you want to list and then make a menu item that points at the path taxonomy/term/1, where 1 would be replaced with the term id. In the video, we assume two categories for our blog are created, opinion and politics. We get the term id numbers for them by hovering the mouse and looking in the lower left status bar on the browser. show me how
100_yuidropdownmenu.swf6.59 MB

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