Eric Lannert

Eric Lannert is a social entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in business operations, sales, and non-profit leadership, specializing in learning-centered businesses. Since joining i.c.stars in 2001, Eric has been responsible for leading the teams responsible for Corporate partnerships, Strategy, Finance, Technology and New ventures. Since 2005, Eric has lead the development of i.c.stars Social Enterprise offering to provide digital marketing and internet application services to clients by employing i.c.stars graduates.

Prior to i.c.stars, Eric was VP of Technology for nMinds, an online executive education startup in Chicago where he lead the business planning and financial modeling team as well as the application team to create an online learning community for executives.

Eric’s career started at Accenture in the Emerging Technologies group. Since a very young age, Eric has been passionate about education and specifically about equal access to the highest quality education. Since the late 1980’s Accenture has invested heavily in this domain and Eric was fortunate to receive an opportunity to work as a summer intern at Accenture in this group starting in 1992.

As a staff consultant through Senior Manager, Eric helped to create a new market for Accenture in the computer-based simulation training field. Eric’s roles during this period included technology architecture, cognitive modeling, simulation design, learning design, project management, client quality management assurance, and ultimately, business development.

Eric has his Master’s Degree in Computer Science, from the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University specializing in Artificial Intelligence and his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Computer Information Systems from Indiana University. In 1999, Eric was awarded 11 U.S. Patents for his work in the field of goal based learning (e.g. 7,428,518, 7,089,222, 7,054,848).

His wife Pam, and Daughters Nora and Anna keep him smiling and journaling.

A Measurable Impact

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