Web Project Estimation


This workshop is presented to i.c.stars cycle interns to assist with developing the effort and timeline for building a website. The resources are mostly older and do not directly address web projects - but discuss software projects. The attached pdf file is from the Software Productivity Center from 1999 and is a good introduction to the field of estimating software.

The model is based on a different methodology called USE CASE POINT COUNTING. The model was introduced to i.c.stars by Todd Wyder and Dan Hakimian. The definitive book on this subject is hard to find:
Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide Geri Schneider and Jason P. Winters The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series. This web page is very helpful for using the model

Also attached is a simple Drupal Website Effort Estimating model.

estbasics.pdf104.58 KB
uc-ProjectEstimateMethodv2-test.xls21.5 KB
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A Measurable Impact

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