Business Plan Financial Model Template

This Google Spreadsheet model is a simplified model for entering assumptions about a business plan to project 5 years of annual financial statements and valuation. This model is taught in the context of i.c.stars project 2 where the i.c.stars interns are in three teams competing in a business plan competition evaluated by venture capitalists.

1) You should immediately make a copy of the model and rename it to your company

2) You should enter your company name in the first sheet where it says “Company Name”


Download the Google Spreadsheet “as a PDF”

Check the boxes for:
- all sheets
- no gridlines
- include page numbers
- fit to width
- landscape

Bring Printouts (1 for ea. judge)

Business Model Slide
- main income sources with pricing or key assumption information (CPM, commission structures, etc.)

Financials and Operating Expectations Slide - lots of choices and disagreement here (simplified P&L for 5 years with key assumptions, bar chart or line chart of revenue/expense). Points you must make either verbally or on the slide:
- year 5 total revenue
- cost to acquire a visitor vs. income per visitor
- profit margin in year 5
- drivers of revenue - number of site visitors/% of visitors/price assumptions
- cash flow positive year
- operating facts
o number of employees in year 5
o any moves to new space along the way – if so, how much
o our operation consists of… (how are the employees organized)?
o key metrics – transactions/employee - prove the employment model

Plans Slide (The Ask)
- We are seeking $X in investment for (your biggest budget items) in exchange for X% ownership of our company
- Our exit strategy is to sell to XYZ company for Y times sales in year 5.
- Your expected return on this investment is X%

A Measurable Impact

Initial placement rate:
Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
Average 12-month earnings after program: