Geek Week - Data Analysis

This workshop was designed in response to the increasing focus the job market expects in the ability to extract information from databases and answer business questions.

The tasks contained in this case study refer to the Microsoft Northwind sample database which can be downloaded here.

The case study is broken out into multiple tasks. The purpose of the performance test is to help you get extremely fast at performing these tasks. This will help with your credibility on the job as people see you typing fast and knowing shortcuts and being able to generally fly around a database and spreadsheet. You will likely use these skills wherever you land - whether you are in sales, search engine marketing, business analysis, application development, database development, and even service/support when you have to do asset tracking and help desk call analysis.

As you will see in the case study, these are generally tasks that take an expert less than 3 minutes each. The expectation, therefore, is that on the job, you could complete the entire analysis with answers to all their questions in less than 30 minutes.

The performance tests should be completed in two phases. First, work through each task, referring back to smartforce and online resources. This should likely take several hours for each task. Your queries will likely be correct when you have the query returning the same values and numbers of rows as given by the result image in each task. Second, practice writing completing the task from scratch looking at only the data model and the result image. You should continue to practice this process until your time is at or below the expert performance time indicated at the end of each task.

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A Measurable Impact

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