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Alumni Referral Program

As an i.c.stars alum, you know the value our program has brought to your life. Share that experience with your friends and family and get paid for doing so!

Refer a candidate who comes to an information session… get $25.

Refer a candidate who enrolls in the i.c.stars internship program… get $125.

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Alumni Memorandum of Understanding


I. Purpose
The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to establish a general working agreement among the Inner City Computer Stars Foundation (i.c.stars), and you (Client) to coordinate expectations around placement services.

This MOU represents an expression of intent for i.c.stars and Client to work together, to further the social and economic goals of each party.

II. Background
The Client has participated in the i.c.stars training program and seeks to use the i.c.stars placement services.

i.c.stars vision is to develop 1000 community leaders by 2020. Individuals who gain social, financial, and intellectual capital have the network, wealth, and skills to be trusted community leaders capable of envisioning and building great inner-city communities.

Business Card Template

Attached is the template to use for creating business cards for i.c.stars staff, interns and alums.

Reference Release

Attached is a reference release form.

Should a prospective employer call this organization for a reference, they will be provided with your dates of employment and final job position. Should you desire a more extensive reference, we require that you supply us with a completed and signed copy of the attached document.

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A Measurable Impact

Initial placement rate:
Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
Average 12-month earnings after program: