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The Need For Revolutionaries in Education - Anthony G. James - Part I

Education in America and around the world seems to be the subject of many discussions. In Chicago education is politics and politicians are supposed to champion for the communities they serve.

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Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

You owe it to yourself to watch the video, bellow. Ernesto Sirolli is just brilliant. He tells a terrific story about wanting to go to Africa to fight hunger and poverty by teaching the habitants how to grow tomatoes. His team feels really proud of themselves as they do all of the planting. The tomatoes finally start to take root and grow - and then a herd of hippos comes and eats all of them.

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A Measurable Impact

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Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
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