i.c.capital business competition project

Cycle 16 Final Meeting with i.c.capital

Final board meeting

Soldier morale

You chose those products from feedback from soldiers?

Operating results typo – “we have made on google adsense”??

Earned over $6 in google adsense

How does your demo solve/address the problem??

Missing market description slide

Financials slide still says ‘optimized employment growth’

Financial handouts different from slides;

Average visitor was on the site 3 times per week.

Disregard the lead sales on this slide (???)

Exit strategy is not an exit strategy – shift focus to veterans; keep the company and payback investor roi;

Needed funds is different, 900K;

If I sold it, I wouldn’t use it any more.

How do you see retiring the equity contribution?

Looked into Small business grants to hire veterans; 300K according to the size of the business;

I’m still fuzzy – you said ROI, but my frame of reference, I’m unclear what my upside is? Is there a deferred return?

Cycle 15 Final Meeting with i.c.capital


marketsize is 500M - sam * spend, not your share * spend.

clicks do not match with visits

after mgmt slide/operating results - how are you going to make money? is advertising how you will make money?

no demo on solution slide?

how many of your competitors specifically focus on your niche demographic

thoughtworks is a customer, not a strategic relationship

confused scott for tom churchwell

$500 per lead is not believable, it makes the cost per hire too high. its actually cost charged if they hire someone from the site. (how does this price compare to monster)

where did that visits per month estimate come from?
from our competitors numbers…
i’m confused. 500K what?
adwords, redeye, campaign,
visitors or impressions confusion

how many visitors did you have in a week? 32

big difference between 32 and 500K.

Cycle 14 Final Meeting with i.c.capital

Final Board meeting

Introductions not linked to the business
Demo was only 2 slides. No scenario. Not first person/personalized to a user – no showing of what users
Marketing strategy – does not follow 4p model
What specific activities are you going to do with childrens museums?
Kiosk at the children’s museum, make a pbj sandwich,
What is it in the website that gets parents involved and to the website?
Fear factor – statistics – Did a study of 60 students
How are you going to categorize the toys? What qualifies any of you to perform that task? Dr. Davies, teacher analyzes the toys. Getting more teachers involved.
Why would a teacher be interested in this? I have 40 kids, I have to pick one and go with it. Aren’t teachers locked into one or two methods?
Argumentative on teachers (not relevant for the business plan) Going after the parents at start they will demand it of the school board.
Getting hung up on defending the solvability of the problem.

Cycle 13 Final Meeting with i.c.capital

This is the (growing) list of questions that get asked at the final board meeting in the business plan competition. Comments are encouraged on how/where you researched the answers and your experiences.

What is the difference between Adwords and Adsense? Which one makes money for you?
why are you focusing on that target market?
how do you make money?
is the backend technology proprietary?
what are your revenue streams?
how many unique visitors did you have?
have you thought of approaching existing sites/competitors to partner?
what is your adwords click through rate? how does it compare to your industry average? what is your industry average?
what incentive programs are you plannning? where is that line item on the financials?
what makes up your gross profit line?
how many people/customers did you talk to?
what do you need the investment funds for?
what will our ROI be on the investment?
what will our ROI be if we only give you 1/2 the money?

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