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Business Plan Financial Model Template

This Google Spreadsheet model is a simplified model for entering assumptions about a business pla

Search Engine Marketing Keywords and Adwords Resources List

A number of sites have been created to help search engine marketers find their way through the mass information clutter and put valuable tutorials, expert articles, and insightful reports directly

i.c.capital scores for each cycle

A few cycles ago we started capturing the business competition scores into one spreadsheet. We have a theory that when a team reaches an average score of 90, we’ll see the first launched business out of this process. Here’s the link for viewing the past and present:


Steve Miller shared a presentation 'Canaan Entrepreneur Pitchbook'


I came across this on Twitter. It’s an excellent deck by a VC on how to do a pitch. I think it could be a good resource for future Project 2’s.


Cycle 19 final meeting transcript

Flirtuity Million dollar matchmaker charges 20K per client; what are you going to charge; Doesn’t seem like $100/transaction is not going to be enough revenue;

Business Models for the Internet

Attached is a presentation from Matt Klein at Fuor Digital on how to monetize internet businesses.

Presenting Business Plans

Attached is a presentation from Waverly Deutsch on presenting business plans.

Cycle 18 Final transcript

Final meeting Cycle 18 Brian Sugar, Brian Frizzel, Steve Miller, Sharon Bush, Jason Zielke, Wendy White Eagle, Matt Klein, Bob Okabe, Scot Oldach Overall Printed financials for audience and self Adsense vs. Adwords actual results Traffic actual results How does Technology solve the problem – is the solution clear Levels of credibility Follow directions Act on feedback Attentive to details Depth of understanding Credible research Insight HelloTeach What’s the source of those numbers? (opportunity/market size slide) 187 visitors, 5 people sign up .09% ctr How do you make money? Is there a membership fee for those 5 people? Who is going to be creating lesson plans? How do your traffic estimates compare to your competition? WATCH CUTOFFs (Subscripti, Partnersh) Are you going to be selling ad inventory? Lots of ads to sell. We are (WRONG) Where in your financial model do you account for the labor involved with selling those ads.

Cycle 17 Final Meeting Notes

Final Board presentation Savvy-Scholars Basing the valuation on the number of users? What is 25% contingency? How does your math work 1.7M to 3.5M?? $19/user is your valuation what is the comparable figure with others? Craigslist 13.5M users - Half.com $318M for 700K users/month; Great comparable research, not clearly presented Not enough time spent on competitive landscape. Stress what’s compelling What does product sales consist of? Transactions – fee based. Rushed through a number of things. Blew through the financials. Didn’t take the time to explain anything. Where is the business here? We never heard where the revenue comes from. You’re not taking ownership of the books, how do you make money? What are the employees doing? TutoringJust4U A matchmaking service for tutors and parents An ebay feel but for tutoring – negotiate hourly rates; great solution slide and walkthrough – how/where you make money and how the site works Good transitions

Business Plan Presentation Sample

Attached is a sample from one of the advisors to i.c.capital, Waverly Deutsch, a faculty member at University of Chicago and head of the entrepreneur program there.
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A Measurable Impact

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