Capitalize 2019

Bringing ​together ​over ​200 ​C-Level ​IT ​executives, sponsors, i.c.stars alumni ​and ​board ​members ​to ​share ​and ​learn ​together for this premiere event. ​


When: 10 May 2019 - 7:00am - 12:00pm America/Chicago
Where: Maggiano's Little Italy 516 North Clark Street , Chicago IL

This ​premier ​event ​brings ​together ​over ​200 ​C-Level ​IT ​executives, ​i.c.stars ​alumni, ​sponsors ​and ​board ​members ​to ​share ​and ​learn ​together. Capitalize ​on ​Illinois ​is ​a ​great ​opportunity ​to ​meet ​the ​i.c.stars ​interns ​and ​alums ​while ​being ​immersed ​in ​our ​innovative ​culture.

Throughout ​the ​event ​enjoy ​three ​facilitated ​discussion ​sessions ​led ​by ​60+ ​CIO ​& ​CISO ​Table ​Hosts.

Speaker Lineup includes:
Ramesh Rangarajan, Vice President of Engineering,
Ascension Technologies
Jeremie Bacon, CEO,
Imagineer Technology Group
Linda Maclachlan, CEO
Brian Clark, Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture, Golub Capital
Mandy Bickerman, Social Enterprise Lead,
Team New System, Cycle 43, i.c.stars
Comcast Business Alumni Impact Award
Gamelle Davis, Cycle 28, Web Developer,
McCormick Foundation

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amanda Hogan, Development Manager at (312) 248-4371 or ahogan [at] icstars [dot] org.

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

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