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Chicago Cares 2009

If you are interested in volunteering at the Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon, please register at:

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Alumni Service Day

PRESS RELEASE: Alumni Service Day
Submitted by T'wanna M. Walker on Thurs, 2009-05-28 08:00.

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Your Idea. Five Minutes. $5,000 in Cash Prizes.

Presenting the 2009 Whiteboard Challenge: June 16, 2009. Are you an entrepreneur with a product concept that just needs some recognition to take off?

Common Unity....

I thought this might be good for the new alumns/consultants/volunteers who are currently trying to re-organize the alumni organization, here is the vault alumni area.
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2009 Mother's Luncheon, Saturday May 17 at 2p.m.

Check back for more details!
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T.S. Baby Shower on Saturday, May 9 at 2p.m.

i.c.stars|* The Mother’s Network Celebrates A New Baby

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Bulls win in triple overtime!!!!

Joakim Noah steals the ball from Paul Pierce in the final OT.
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DePaul University Infromation Session schedule

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BDPA April Program Meeting

BDPA Chicago Chapter
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Hi from Jerome / Stop by Navy Pier

Guitar Hero: World Tour Daily Tournament Schedule* Tournament #1 / Prize - $150 Best Buy Gift Card - Qualifying Round 11 AM - 1:45 PM - Final Round 2 PM - 3 PM
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The Twalkshop

The Founding Funder's Recognition Lunch is an opportunity to build multiple levels of support for the organization.


Last week, March 3-7, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the annual North American Drupal conference, Drupalcon, in Washington DC. The sessions varied from a beginners look at Drupal to code improvements that need to be made to core. They also ranged from Dries' "I love Drupal, its the greatest thing since sliced butter" keynote address to Walkah's session titled "Why I hate Drupal".
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BDPA March Program Meeting

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Manifest Digital set for soaring growth

Manifest Digital will move to the forefront of Chicago's marketing agencies since receiving a $9 millio
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CareerBuilder Super Bowl commercial

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Dangerous coding errors revealed

Geeks Check this out!

Experts have put together a list of the 25 most dangerous programming mistakes. View Article...
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icstars.org next - merging the sites

we are finally in development stage for the next generation icstars site. mitch has been working on a new design and we have migrated the content from the vault to drupal 6 as our starting point.
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Granny Walk's It Out!!

Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition

Hi all, I, Deborah De Vaughn of BDPA and Bernard Keys are current working on forming teams for the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition www.imaginecup.com I have posted an email below with more details below. If anyone is interest in coaching a team please contact me. Thanks in Advance! Best, Jerome Dishman /C4 jdishman@icstars.org ------------------------------- Greeting Everyone,
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Attention to All Alumns


Its that time of year alums! Please send your stories describing the ways you have made impact this past year by making opportunities for others in the community. The deadline for stories is December 31st. Winners will be featured in the annual report and honored at the stakeholders event on January 19th. This is one of the most important ways for you to communicate the vision of the organization. We cant measure the impact of i.c.stars without your stories. Send them today to Sandee sandee@icstars.org
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HP Announces blog reading contest

HP Announces its HP Magic Giveway.

The catch?

Read the listed blogs to find out what you can win and how to win.


Alumni Meeting Dec 9, 2008 7pm

To view a live broadcast of the alumni meeting visit this link on Dec 9, 7pm Live Broadcast URL --------------------- http://www.ustream.tv/channel/leapmonkeytv pw: alumni If you have issues viewing the video contact me @ oropezahector at gmail dot com These are some of the topics that we will be discussing at this meeting ------------------------ . Recruitment Update . Online Interviews . Stakeholders Alumni Participation . Art Opening 2009 . Community Project . Tea Ceremony . Rohan Time There will be no dial in number this time, as it might help make the meeting a bit more productive. and yes the live broadcast is one way audio, but there is chat for all of those joining us on the live video broadcast And remember! ------------ If you have any questions contact me @ oropezahector at gmail dot com

November Alumni Meeting Info

Tonight's alumni meeting is at the studio at 7pm. Attached please find the agenda, and below the web/phone conference info: 1. Please join my meeting. https://www2.gotomeeting.com/join/339676785 2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone. Dial 630-869-1011 Access Code: 339-676-785 Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting Meeting ID: 339-676-785 GoToMeeting® Online Meetings Made Easy™
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BDPA Student Empowerment Fair

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image rotater

on a recent bridges project we tried using a flash based object to cycle through images in a block for a site.

CHICAGOCON - Friday Oct. 31 and Saturday Nov. 1 - Free entrance with RSVP to TR

Hi All, Don Donzal is willing to give free $100 Conference Tickets to i.c.stars students and alumni for the activities taking place on Fri Oct 31 and Sat Nov 1. Details can be found here: http://www.chicagocon.com/content/view/103/51/ Please forward me your names, email addresses and any other pertinent info, if you're interested in attending. This info is needed so they can have a proper head count for food and enough info for their badges. Don is the founder and organizer of Chicagocon, Editor-In-Chief for The Ethical Hacker and works for The Digital Construction Company Please get back to me no later than Tuesday, Oct. 27. Thanks, TR

Invitation to ChicagoCon

Don Donzal, the founder of ChicagoCon, has extended an invite to the i.c.stars community. Here is the basic body of his email: Due to low enrollment (I can only guess economic woes), CEH and many other courses have been cancelled. Oh well. We take risks, right? The Ethical Hacking Conference is still a go on the weekend. Here’s what I can do. If anyone you know, with i. c. stars or not, truly can’t afford the $100 ticket, let me know. We’ll get them in. I just need a list with names, email address and organizations. So if anyone is interested in attending this extremely information conference, email me at rjames@icstars.org and I will forward your information to Don. Next weekend is fast approaching, however, and time is short. Here is the link for ChicagoCon: http://www.chicagocon.com/
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Weekend Social i.c.events


Due to this Saturday Oct, 18 2008, i.c.stars has decided to stop hosting such events such as Game Night, Movie Night, and other events of this nature. Now you ask why? Well there was inappropriate usage of alcoholic beverages this past weekend, and as Alumn we should of known better. We all love i.c.stars, and we also love to come back to this place, just hang out, catch up with other Alumn, help the current cycle and to Dare to Dream. We can still come back and do that but not in a party environment, the studio has been and will always continue to be our home, but lets try to remember that we also have to respect it. Friends and Family, Mother's Day Lunchon, and those type of events will continue to happen.

To be completely honest I feel truly sad about this outcome and I would like to apologize for the results of this unfortunate event

Drupal "Evening" Theme fix for all browsers

While Drupal is a very versatile tool for building websites, it falls short when the modules and/or themes have to operate in different browsers. This is the problem that I ran into when I installed the Evening theme for my personal site. Since I wanted the site to have the same view regardless of the browser being used, it became apparent that some modifications would be necessary. There were several issues with this, however: 1. My knowledge of CSS and PHP was very limited. 2. Firebug (for Mozilla) was not functioning properly. The problem in question was the fact that, in Chrome and Safari, the main content was overlapping the sidebar. This was compounded by the fact that the issue was resolved if you zoomed in on the page (Ctrl +). This solution was unacceptable for me. My only alternative was to modify the code for the page...

Alumni Bios Needed


One of the major issues we've been facing as an organization is an overall lack of post-commencement participation. The Alumni Association has been evolving over the past year (don't take my word for it...come see for yourself!) and we've come up with some new ideas to ensure that the future alum have a smooth transition from commencement to the Alumni community.

An idea we've discussed over the last few meetings is an Alumni/Intern mentoring program. Basically, we'd like to offer the current interns an alumni mentor to help share their experiences and offer support and guidance throughout the process. This program can potentially bridge that gap between interns and alum and allow us to welcome them to our community, as well as encouraging post-commencement participation.

The first step in this process is to create alumni bio's. These bio's will then be distributed to the interns so that they can choose the alumni they'd most like to mentor them.

Please provide a short bio (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your studio role, cycle project roles and current work experiences. If you have any community involvement or passions, please include that as well.

Sherita Whitaker from Cycle 16 has volunteered to be the main point of contact for submission/distribution of these bio's, so please send to swhitaker@icstars.org

Please keep in mind that cycle 17 is already halfway into project 2, so these should be submitted as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.


A Measurable Impact

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