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What Happens When You Corner a CIO?

Our new CIO Corner offering is an elegant mix of our social enterprise, our events model, and our internship program. It works the same way that our High Tea curriculum works – a CIO comes to share experiences of technology and leadership with our alum and our clients through an open and honest conversation.

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Don’t Forget Your Roots

Dear Residents,

Recently I have been thinking about the great divide; the chasm between class and race and opportunity but mostly the divide as a result of transformation and change. If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for what happened to those who came before us? Does being successful mean leaving behind our community? Is that success or the very definition of division?

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Thank you for painting the future…

This past November the alumni association of i.c.stars presented i.c.stars and the board of directors with a magnificent gift.

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CIO Corner: Obstacles to Innovation in Business and Technology

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Cookies and Chocolate Milk

Last week at our annual Stakeholders event, we had some absolutely terrific speakers and different courses that honored Dr. King, his legacy, and the mission of i.c.stars.

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In the Studio: January 23, 2012

I’ve yet to meet the interns of Cycle 25. Instead, I’ve been whittling away at my to-do list here on the second floor.
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Metrics in the Rear View

Every time I watch this video it reminds me that what most of us are doing isn’t working. We constantly look at data and try to assess patterns and understand cause and effect.

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Dare to Dream: January 16, 2012

Dreams are funny, fickle things. They don’t always come to us each night, and they can just as easily promote discernment as they can bemusement.
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It’s Working

This has been an amazing year of growth at i.c.stars. We had 100% placement of our interns, and many alumni have found new positions or were promoted at their companies.

Networking Fun

As a technology nonprofit, we constantly try to innovate within everything we do.

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Eric's Answers: What are the top B2B social media objections you've heard (or have yourself)?

Recently I answered a LinkedIn Question regarding B2B social media sales. My response was selected as the “Best Answer.” Thanks Christopher!

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Graciously Leading

This month I thought I would talk about how we generate and qualify leads here at i.c.stars.

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How To Build Trusted Relationships With CIOs

At a recent i.c.stars board committee meeting, the CIO’s were reviewing the blog of one of our clients (Sharan Hildebrand of Capax Global), they came

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Walking Between Worlds

One of the most profound reasons for founding i.c.stars is that it was meant to build a bridge between the community and corporate America.

Recruiting Innovation

i.c.stars’ recruitment process for internship candidates throws out all of the traditional rules associated with finding talent.

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Eric's Answers

Keeping on track with my latest blog post and recent research I have been doing about generational cycles, I found an intriguing conversation to participate in on Quora.

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Social Impact Driving Business: What will the legacy of Millennials be?

Recently a good friend of mine Mark Hattas recommended a book called “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss. It is abou

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Where Do You See Stars?

Most people know that i.c.stars stands for “inner-city computer stars”.

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Eric's Answers

I recently made a comment on a LinkedIn Question posted by a user named Jon. The question related to one of my previous blog posts about entry-level hiring.

The Lean Start-Up That Could

Last week, as the brown line chugged along on my way to work, I started to think back on my experience at Tech Week.

The Silicon City

A great deal of press has been given to the current state of the economy and more specifically the unemployment rate in the U.S.

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Is the business case about hiring individuals or a team?

I was at a dinner event a few months ago and entry level hiring in IT was the topic of the night. The discussion focused on “best practices for on-boarding and developing new talent”.

Positioned To Lead

A few days ago, we opened up the i.c.stars studio to a local meetup group called Netsquared. It was a great meeting to sit in on as the topic was “Social Media and Non- Profits”.

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What is the Business Case for Hiring Entry Level Talent?

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Where is the trust? Don’t let fear cause you to lose direction!

Edelman recently released a report with some interesting conclusions.

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Alumni Association Board Member Form

First off, on behalf of the Alumni Association we would like to thank everyone for their patience during this process and most of all for taking the time to make this opportunity happen!

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Want your Social Media efforts to make a big impact? The intuition of the youth is the key.

Most people think of social media as exhibitionism through communication – a way to announce your product, your event, and your thoughts. But it’s actually much more than that.

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Stars Remember Dr. King - Stakeholders 2011

At the 11th Annual Stakeholders event on Martin Luther King Jr.

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Social Enterprise Announcement

i.c.stars to Launch Social Enterprise and New Training Program

i.c.stars |* Interns and Alumni Show Schools Some Love

Authored by Beatrice Elizalde and Davis Castillo Jr.

A Measurable Impact

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