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2 Tuesday Conference Info

Thanks to Seth, we got new conference info!

Please join my meeting at
Conference Call: (712) 432-0020, access code 820-148-812
Meeting ID: 820-148-812

Online Meetings Made Easy

Be there around 6:30

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When Drupal Met Google...

Lately there has been much debate over the Google vs Drupal situation. So, I thought it would be nice to post some of the many ways the two can be integrated into powerful (and improved) solutions, (kudos to the “Summer of Code” Project). If anyone is interested in helping me create the SSO or further Drupal/Google integration, please contact me.

http://drupal.org/node/228232 - google drupal equivalent
http://drupal.org/node/39172 - Submit Drupal Post via Email
http://drupal.org/node/126024 - User Reply Alerts

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Mother's Luncheon Success

Special thanks to all the alumnus who showed up to celebrate motherhood. Personally, I think that was the best menu I’ve ever seen at an icstars event, and the turn out was amazing.

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2008 Mother's Luncheon on Saturday, May 31st

Community Referrals Good for Recruitment

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Resume and Interview workshops Friday, June 6, 2008 from 9a -4p Lunch provided

To all available alumni of i.c.stars!!!

Dust off those resumes!!! Let’s get your interview on!!! Please join us for a day of resume and interview workshops. Deloitte Consulting (http://www.deloitte.com) has a team of 20 folks that are coming out to facilitate the day. Use this opportunity to build your interview and resume skills.

Below is the agenda for the day. As you can see, the day will be full of great information and feedback.

Please send your resume to triley [at] icstars [dot] org if you plan to attend. Call me at 312-244-3779 x3 with any questions.

Please arrive at i.c.stars lab on the 2nd floor on Friday, June 6th promptly at 9a. We will provide lunch.

Let’s make this a successful day of skill building and networking.

Below is the agenda:

9:00 - 9:15 am - Introductions
9:15 - 9:30 am - Layout of the day presentation with the projector 9:30 - 11:30 am - Interview workshop: Each person will get three interviews

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The Thapelo Institute, Inc 6th Annual Free Health & Fitness Experience 4 African and African American Men

Black men have the lowest life expectancy of any racial group in this country. Let’s change those statistics!
Free testing for:
• high blood pressure
• diabetes
• prostate cancer
• cholesterol
• kidney disease
• other health screenings
For more information contact
708-533-6558 or visit www.thapelo.org.

Thapelo Institute, Inc. 6th Annual FREE Experience HEALTH & FITNESS for African and African-American Men
Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle:
• seminars
• workshops
• exercise demonstrations
• health and fitness information
• healthy food samplings
Saturday, June 14, 2008
Malcolm X College • 1900 W. Van Buren
Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Screenings: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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Flashpoint Academy V.S i.c.stars|*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Leave a comment to know that you will be attending Thank you!
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Career Decision Maker

The google spreadsheet below can be helpful when deciding between multiple job opportunities. How to use it:

1) review/modify the list of needs - you should have no more than 8, but you can change the one’s that are there if others (like location) are important but not critical. This was created with someone who had to work downtown, so location is not a factor because its a MUST HAVE, so any option that wasn’t downtown would not be evaluated.

2) prioritize the needs - rank each of the 8 needs 1 through 8, no ties allowed. 8 is the highest importance, 1 is the lowest.

3) evaluate how well each option meets each need - score 1 through 3 - 3 meets the need perfectly, 2, somewhat, 1, not so much

4) review the scores - anything over 70% is a good option in the first 5 years of your career. After that point, you should be at 80-85%, and after 10 years, you should only be looking at options that are 85-95%.

Here’s the link:

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Meeting Minutes - 5/20/2008

Hi all,
Please see the notes below. If you attended and would like to add/edit/revise anything here, please let me know so I can give you access to the google doc. We have created these notes as a collaborative effort so feel free to let me know if you need access to the document.


Thomas & Christian Announcements

Last Weeks Minutes

  • Last Warriors for this year

  • Cycle 16 Dream Speeches

  • Cycle 17 Starts September

  • CPS Interns this Summer

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May 20 - Alumni Meeting Agenda

Thomas & Christian Announcements
Last Weeks Minutes
Last Warriors for this year
Cycle 16 Dream Speeches
Cycle 17 Starts September
CPS Interns this Summer
Alumni Goals Due 7/1
Community Impact Stories
Capitalize Feedback
New Board Members
Financial and Recruitment Info by Request
Mother’s Day Luncheon (May 31)
iOpener (August 22)
Alumni Association
2 weeks prior to meetings meet with Sandee
1 week prior Supply Agenda
Rotating Host to be chosen in Advance and Posted on Calendar
Alumni Page Posted on Vault

Events – brandies, mitch
Program – tiffany , marc
Speakers bureau - brandies
Technology - kevin

Moderators submit ideas to be worked to alumni page
Hand written letters to be sent out to missing alumnus
Branding Initiative
T-shirt Size
Upcoming Alumni Events
Black Family Technology Week

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Web Design

Courtesy of our old friend, Maurice Rabb:
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Front End Developer

Front End Developer

This person is responsible for creating the web pages you use. As front end developer you should know HTML/XHTML, CSS, and javascript, at least, as far as markup and scripting languages go. Also learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash (everyone is demanding it these days for some reason…). Here are some good sites and resources:

Places to Learn

W3schools: http://www.w3schools.com/ (this is like the default even though it’s super boring)
HTML Dog: www.htmldog.com (a better sight to learn html/css)
http://www.echoecho.com/javascript.htm (good sight to learn javascript)

Program to check out:
Mozilla’s firebug https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843
Gimp www.gimp.org/
Inkscape www.inkscape.org/

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Custom or Packaged

Since 2001, I’ve been seeking to solve a core information problem that frightens me is still not solved by *anyone*: a single contact database from which all applications could connect. This single database would need to authenticate people and allow them to update their own contact information, but would not require people to have online accounts (eg. i get a business card and enter them into the system and we can start interacting with their contact record). If at some point they did create an account on our site, the system should match that account to the contact information we already have on file, but have the ability to keep some information we have private. The database itself would need to be open enough where we could extract contact information (emails) for use in other applications.

The road to this point has been long and disappointing:

2000-2001 - site server (discontinued)

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Alumni Association Branding Initiative

I am proposing an icstars Alumni Association Branding Initiative. I don’t know who all is aware, but we had an Alumni Association Meeting last Tuesday after all. As a result we are creating different Alumni Committees.

Speaker’s Bureau

I don’t remember who all is on which committees though. I guess it will be a good idea to create a master list.
IMHO, I think this is a good idea, which will add some accountability to the AA.

Through this format the “Direction,” or the “point,” of the meeting will be on you. The standard Tuesday meetings will be great for reporting from the various committees, and Sandee’s section.

Questions? COmments?

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Silenced and humility

Its over now (c) 112

As a parting gift to those who read these blubs, I would like to thank you for sticking with me and reading my hey-larry-us adventures.

i would like to take this oppurtunity to say how humbed i have been by this entire process.
From our first days in team week until the last days in career month, we have all changed. The change I must seek is a place where I can rethink my old vision of a successful career into a career of lifetime learning. Learning when to keep my mouth shut, learning when to let my mind rest, learning how to let others bask in their success.

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Black Family Technology Awareness Week Mentoring Night Saturday, June 7th 6p -10p at Country Club Hill Parks and Recreation

Greeting Everyone,

Key Link Technologies is hosting a BFTAW Video Gaming Night to
promote mentoring Saturday June, 7th, 6:pm until 10pm at Country
Club Hill Parks and Recreation ( see link). I would like to invite
you and your organization to participate. The center has donated
the entire facility to host the event, we are looking for
organizations and colleges to setup booths and companies to sponsor
gaming rooms by donating prizes and gifts for the winners. Families
and youth of all ages will attend this event. Let me know if you are
interested setting up a booth or donating prizes.




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Has anyone seen this man?!

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Community Paper Targeting

We are trying to build relationships with community papers to get alumni stories published. Will everyone please take a moment to state which papers would be highest priority?


Austin Voice

Austin Weekly

Austin Weekly

Back of the Yards Journal

Beverly Review

Bridgeport News

Bronzeville Chamber

Chicago Free Press

Chicago Journal

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Citizens Newspaper

Wednesday Journal

Chicago Journal

Chicago Defender

Crain’s Chicago Business

Crain’s Chicago Business

Daily Herald

Chicago Defender

HydePark Herald




Naperville Sun

Northwest Herald


Rolling Out Mag



The Herald-News

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strategic partnerships abound

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

I was a broke graduate living out of my car, walking the streets of hyde park looking for something, any employment oppurtunity that would provide the island of stability I needed to get on my feet.

9 months later, I am still a broke graduate, looking for employment oppurtunities, but the island of statety I found was the folks at Northbridge Staffing, they found me a temporary position within a 3 days of me applying.

they were also very understanding of my situation and knew that I would have better employment soon. which was cool for my sitaution because customer service is not my calling.

This oppurtunity is far ALL an ANY alumns that are currently between jobs. Northbridge staffing, located in the wrigley building, has a slew of short-term positions available.

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cycle 16 + c# = online learning

As part of the diamond excercise that Eric has proposed, the late, great .Net team from Cycle 16(Sherita Whitaker, Genesys Reeves and Desean Ward) will be participating in the recieving end of this learning oppurtunity.

This is a call for all Alumns who work with .net or C# to test out this learning method.

Please email me at BMoore [at] icstars [dot] org to get further info.

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Diamonds make you dream in code...

I’ve started migrating some of the old programming exercises to the vault. The first one up is the diamond:

I would like to use the diamond exercises as a test case for launching the online group learning within the vault. If anyone has time/interest in setting this up, you can add to the requirements on the design wiki below:

When the online course capability goes live, we will be seeking two instructors and 4-5 students for a 1 week pilot of the diamond exercises.

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Calling all drupal developers!

Hola, again..

a great staffing friend of mine by the name of Dennis Beck is seeking a drupal developer to work with a chicago non profit on a short-term project

alumns, please jump on this project!

some overview and contact info is below,


2 month project, in internet and media,

chicago non-profit seeks new donation managent system,

Dennis Beck

Dennis [at] altastaff [dot] com


positon is manager of interactive media:
serves as architect and cheif content developer and editor of web commnications and website development including: e donations capabilities, etc.


please jump on this oppurtunity.

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Progress Blog: capitalize08'


Since we are coming up on our next big event: capitalize on Illinois 08’ I thought that I would share some insight on how much I enjoy these things.

I think the first big event I attended was the Stakeholders event; which was held on Martin Luther King’s birthday. Much to my embarrassment, I had told many of the people I knew that I was attending a “Steak-holders” event that morning, This due to the mistaken notion that I had that this was to be held at a meat-centered eatery. After Arriving, I had immediately noticed how nice Bin 36 was: the tables and the great food. The small, vibrant children and the large amount of liq…um, refreshments.

One thing I noticed about steakholders is that there were not many alumns at this event. The ones I had the pleasure of meeting, such as Kevin Gates, Beatrice Elizalde, etc. are to be thanked for their guidance and advice.

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March Alumni meeting notes

Thanks to Christhian who help take notes for the meeitng.


Suggestion to rotate host for every alumni meeting, who wants and when do you want to be involved? Jerome Dishman will host the next Alumni Meeting


Mentorship opportunity for a charter school: They are preparing students to be better prepared for high school and going to college.
- 1 hour dedicated to reading. Positive male guidance, in the Westside summer elementary
- Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Capitalizing Illinois may 1st (50% signed up)
By Monday we will let you know who is going to be a tea host and a guest
36 CIO’s
60 alumni
1st time there will be 60 alumni at any event

Round tables-
36 to 40 tables

Make an appointment with Sandee for about your dreams to do project work

Christhian and Thomas are the new staff members
- Christhian is handling all the process pieces and Thomas is handling all the relationships


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Meeting Minutes from April AA meeting?

Does anyone have the minutes from last month’s AA meeting?

I was unable to attend, and I know that a lot of important topics were covered… Please post if anyone has notes.


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The time has arrived, it's time to tell people to:


Hey all,
I’m writing to tell you about my alter ego Dianne’s new blog called Get Yo’self Together. It’s a new blog with letter’s written to celebrities, politicians, and other folks that need to get themselves together. I hope you’ll read and get a laugh. You can sign up and post some comments too. I hope to put out at least two posts a week, just reading the news each day gives me plenty of fodder. Here’s the address:


And if there are family, friends, and enemies, in your lives that you would like to say “GET YO’SELF TOGETHER” to send them an e-cards .


Let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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i.c.stars - DePaul overview

Don’t forget that the i.c.stars - DePaul overview is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23rd at 6p in the studio. Hope to see you all there.


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Attention All Current Interns and Alums of i.c.stars

I’m trying to mentor i.c.stars hot spots by neighborhoods using the current interns and alums to help get me started. All you have to do is send a brief description of yourself and community area/ward to tchatman [at] icstars [dot] org or post a comment on the vault. Also let me know what organization/company suggested you come to i.c.stars.

Example: Thomas Chatman cycle 15, Austin area/29 ward. Current i.c.stars staff member. I was sent to i.c.stars by Umoja.

Thanks, for your hard work and dedication


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Progress Update: Success and Sleep

My apologies for missing a week of my hey-larry-us blogs. I am just returning from a strange new world called Project 3.

Well, actually project isnt much of a strange world at all. The same business rules from project 1 apply. As well as the presentation skills gained from project 2. This world is somehwat similar, the main difference being I cant tell what day it is anymore due to sleep depravation.

I can remember my first week in icstars in which cycle 15 had just returned from the planet of project 3. I had no idea what they were going through, but whatever it is, it was taking a toll. Little did I know, they were going through what I would be struggling with.

A Measurable Impact

Initial placement rate:
Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
Average 12-month earnings after program: