The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 1

The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 1

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Part 1 of a 4-Part Series with Sandee Kastrul & Anna Frazzetto “Introducing the Chief Digital Officer”

Sandee: First, let me start by thanking you, Anna. Thank you for being such an amazing speaker and sharing your insights with the audience at CXO Disrupt 2016, and with our larger audience through this conversation. I know our readers can’t wait to get deeper insights from you. So to kick off the conversation, would you share what you see as the most important thing to know - the biggest insight about how things are changing right in front of us in the C-Suite?

Anna: That’s such a great question. Because of where we are today, it really is impacting all of us. Many different types of C-levels now shape an organization. Many years ago, it was very simple. You had a CEO. You had a CFO. Then, you had somebody who was like a COO who ran the operations, and that was it.

Today we have a CIO, CTO, CMO and CDO (Chief Digital Officer), along with the traditional CEO, CFO and COO. So, it’s gotten very crowded at the C-table when you look at it from that perspective.

I think the reason we’ve gotten to this point is because, in order to gain a competitive advantage and outwit their competition, companies need to have a little bit of an edge. And that edge is really the organization’s digital strategy.

Every company goes through a process of self-reflection, looking at how they drive their business forward. Their digital strategy is what’s going to help them get there. I’m not saying that’s the only strategy within an organization, but it’s one of the key ingredients that will get them to next level.

With this emphasis on digital comes an increasing focus on CIOs, possibly CTOs, CDOs and CMOs, and the drivers of these conversations. One of the key items on the agenda is how to get all of these really smart people to work together to achieve common goals.

What’s the future of the C-level? If I had a crystal ball, I would say that we’ve reached the peak number of positions at this point, and there will be a merging of responsibilities, leading to a more realistic C-level group.

Check back next week for Part 2, “The C-Suite: From the Peak to the Reality”

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