Alumni Meeting Minutes 3-11-08

Alumni Meeting Minutes 3-11-08

Below (also attached) are the notes From the AA meeting Tuesday. I tried to get everything down on paper, so it’s a bit less organized than I would have liked. Feel free to add/edit/revise and shoot back to me, and I’ll be happy to update. I think I covered most of what was discussed though. Lots of new stuff, so for those that couldn’t attend please take a look.


April 4th Community Luncheon on 5th floor
Teaching opportunities available for alumni
Subject: Broad overview
“What it’s like outside i.c. stars”
Share your experience of Post cycle
Look for posting of date/details on vault soon (Tiffany Mikell)
Friday is c16’s final presentation of project 2
See TS’s email about alum survey
2 surveys were sent. Alum and Volunteer. Contact TS if you did not receive Alum survey
YOY leads increased 90% due to alumni referrals. Keep up the referrals!
Job Fair Network Initiative
TS to send list of local organizations. Please reach out to represent i.c. stars at these fairs.
March Madness
Alumni and internal lead generation.
Partner with interns to make “pledge” of referral
Incentive: Win Bulls Tickets, Jerseys, Signed Balls, ESPN Zone gift cards
Get interns excited about recruitment
Sign up with TS
“referral” = first assesment
AA Meetings and Structure. The future
Thursday: Ten alum to meet with Don regarding action items for future. See document posted to vault/google group
Strengthen community relations and projects to spearhead i.c. stars relationship with the community
Sandee’s ideas
Two people to own AA meetings
One to present, one to gather people/resources together.
Access to email marketing software to utilize for alumni notifications?
Capitalize on IL renamed/revamped
May 1st Hilton Towers DATE TBD
“Hi Tea Stars”
Morning event
20 teas going on in one big ball room
Two roles: Host or Attendee
CIO list to be published to vault
SIGN UP by emailing Eric
Subject line “Hi Tea Stars”
March 20th at 6pm
Community Party at i.c. stars for non profit ppl
Open invites for “Cool People”
ITA award Ceremony on April 8th at union station (Great Hall)
8 people nominated
Table for ten is $2250 – Sandee to “Gangster a Table” and invite nominees

SEND UPDATED RESUMES TO TRILEY You could have been nominated for this award!
Process improvements in place. End to end. Process, technology and infrastructure and placement.
C17 postponed till September
Nobody to be hired to fill TS’s role right now
Make yourself known to the cycles
David Ormeisher pitching i.c. stars in Rwanda
Partnering with Accenture to do “bridges” in Rwanda
Anyone with interest in traveling/working with future global opportunities (i.c. stars) please contact Sandee

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A Measurable Impact

Initial placement rate:
Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
Average 12-month earnings after program: