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Effective Digital Content Strategy is Rooted In Gratitude

It wouldn’t be November if we didn’t eat turkey, lament about the rapidly dipping temperatures, and most importantly, express our thankfulness. As content creators, we also think of gratitude as a celebration of the benefit of what one has received or will receive when it comes to creating an effective strategy.

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The Makings of A Revolutionary in Education

This is part II of the conversation with Mr. Anthony James about the social responsibility that teachers have as educators. Mr. James shares a bit more about his background in education and how educators are helping to shape the lives of their pupils.

I picked you as my “Thug for Change” because you really made a big change in my life via education. You made me realize that I could do it if I just had certain tools, and if I had somebody patient enough to push me along so I wouldn’t just give up. Are there any things that you’re doing to prepare students for the challenges that they have in front of them?

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The Need For Revolutionaries in Education - Anthony G. James - Part I

Education in America and around the world seems to be the subject of many discussions. In Chicago education is politics and politicians are supposed to champion for the communities they serve.

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India Trip Winners!

Hello Everyone-

The winners of this incredible opportunity are:

Sherita Whitiker
Brandies Dunagan
Alfredo Pantoja

Congratulations Alumn!

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