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Eric's Answers

I recently made a comment on a LinkedIn Question posted by a user named Jon. The question related to one of my previous blog posts about entry-level hiring.

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Is the business case about hiring individuals or a team?

I was at a dinner event a few months ago and entry level hiring in IT was the topic of the night. The discussion focused on “best practices for on-boarding and developing new talent”.

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Where is the trust? Don’t let fear cause you to lose direction!

Edelman recently released a report with some interesting conclusions.

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Want your Social Media efforts to make a big impact? The intuition of the youth is the key.

Most people think of social media as exhibitionism through communication – a way to announce your product, your event, and your thoughts. But it’s actually much more than that.

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i.c.stars to visit India!

Thanks to the legwork of volunteer/employer/sponsor Dave Patzwald, Infosys ( is offering to cover the cost of i.c.stars to send 3-4 alu

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On strategic planning

Wendy Kopp, founder and CEO of Teach for America, remembers concluding at one point in a strategic planning exercise, “I am not going to read another overly detailed plan that tries to lay out what ev

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Microsoft Elevate America

UPDATE: the training vouchers have all been allocated. What remains is certification exam vouchers.

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we are finally in development stage for the next generation icstars site. mitch has been working on a new design and we have migrated the content from the vault to drupal 6 as our starting point.
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image rotater

on a recent bridges project we tried using a flash based object to cycle through images in a block for a site.

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