Eric's Answers: What are the top B2B social media objections you've heard (or have yourself)?

Eric's Answers: What are the top B2B social media objections you've heard (or have yourself)?

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Recently I answered a LinkedIn Question regarding B2B social media sales. My response was selected as the “Best Answer.” Thanks Christopher!

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Q: What are the top B2B social media objections you’ve heard (or have yourself)?
More B2Bs (business 2 business) are beginning to consider social media in 2011, but their objections differ from the standards. What are the best ones you’ve heard? BTW, I’m more interested in the objections than the responses to them (most answers here try to contest objections). Thank you.


A: Our clients are all technology companies and are adapting this more than other industries. Many of them are also recognizing that CIOs are going to make decisions based on the thought leadership around products. With commodization everywhere in technology, it really is about the mindset of the CTO of the service provider. I trust where Saleforce is going in their product strategy based on the blogs that they post. That differentiates them from there competitors.

Most objections within technology companies are around the fear of putting info out there. Some companies are more closed about how much they would like to share when it comes to their product strategy.

Another challenge I see is that sales and account people are all over social media. It is their job. Many of them live on LinkedIn. But for it to really work, they need to access the technology thought leaders within their company. They should actually be doing blogging on behalf of the experts, the thought leaders. The problem is that often times they cannot access them. They are usually not inherently social, while the sales and account people are. It is a challenge to make them feel comfortable with social media. Often neither party feels like it is worth the time.

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