Using project-based learning and full immersion teaching, i.c. stars provides an opportunity for change-driven, future leaders to develop skills in business and technology.
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“Companies employ CIOs, CEOs and CTOs, why not Chief Innovation Officers?”

- Highlights of the 2010 iOpener Conference

At i.c.stars we provide a rigorous technology-based workforce development and leadership training program for low-income adults, developing Chicagoland's most promising information technology talent with leadership goals and connecting them with career opportunities through our social enterprise and our partner organizations.

Our social mission is central to our work. Our primary goal as a social enterprise is to further our mission and the profits earned through our business model support our training program. Working with low-income young adults, providing them with employment opportunities and preparing them for community-based advocacy allows us to achieve our social purpose.

A Measurable Impact

Initial placement rate:
Industry retention rate:
College attendance rate:
Alumni actively engaged in their communities:
Average 12-month earnings before program:
Average 12-month earnings after program:

Our events provide the primary source of income that funds our training program and helps us achieve our mission. We thank you for participating in helping us build our network!

iOpener Innovation Conference 2015
When: Friday, August 21st, 2015
Where: TBA
Time: 7:00 am - 11:30 am

The annual i.c.stars iOpener conference brings together CIO’s, entrepreneurs, students, alumni of i.c.stars, and vendors to explore innovations in technology.

Learn what a wide range of companies are doing that’s innovative and what jobs...

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I’m so happy to share my experience at the Skoll World Forum created by the founder of E-bay Jeff Skoll, in Oxford UK. One of the most intesting topic or theme from this years event is inspired by Kevin Starr...

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